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Saints and Sinners: Southampton’s Hard Men

From flying head-butts and flying tackles, to flying ashtrays and flying linesmen, Saints and Sinners is a frightening run-down of some of the hardest players ever to pull on a Southampton shirt – and their on- and off-field exploits which gave them such notoriety. During more than twenty years of covering the club’s fortunes, author Graham Hiley has amassed a wealth of anecdotes from some of the toughest men to represent Saints; including the likes of midfield enforcer Jimmy Case,…

The Setup: A True Story of Dirty Cops, Soccer Moms, and Reality TV

The pitch went like this: Chris Butler, a retired cop, ran a private investigator firm in Concord, California. His business had a fascinating angle—his firm was staffed entirely by soccer moms.

In fact, Butler employed PI Super Moms: attractive, organized, smart, and trained in investigative techniques, self-defense, and weaponry. This American Life host Ira Glass described them as “MILF: Charlie’s Angels.”

When this story came across Pete Crooks’s desk when he was working at Diablo

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