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Brian Clough Fifty Defining Fixtures

Controversial, outspoken and a football genius, Brian Clough is often described as the best manager England never had. After setting a superb goalscoring record at Middlesbrough and Sunderland, a devastating injury in icy conditions effectively ended his playing career. But a new chapter in the Clough story was about to unfold. With an unmatched ability to motivate players, the master manager transformed two unfashionable clubs and made them world class, playing stylish football and with a…

Blackpool The Complete Record 1887-2011

It is part of the famous ‘Complete Record’ series loved by fans of the club and collectors alike. Written by Roy Calley the book covers every aspect of Blackpool’s history from the early days of the North Eastern League to membership of the Football League, through to the present day. Over 400 photographs and illustrations, many never previously published, support the text and provide an insight into the evolution of the club. Different sections include Matches to Remember which were chosen…

World in Motion: The Inside Story of Italia ’90

Italia ’90 was the best and worst of World Cups. It made a global star of England’s inspirational Paul Gascoigne and gave fresh confidence to English football but it was also the lowest- scoring of all World Cups, leading directly to the back-pass ban that transformed the sport.

World In Motion travels from Africa to South America, via Europe and the Middle East, to hear from the protagonists of Italia ’90 and find out why it is still seen as a special and transformative moment, not…

Doctor Socrates: Footballer, Philosopher, Legend

A stunning new biography of Socrates, the iconic captain of the greatest Brazil side never to win the World Cup. Socrates was always special. A hugely talented athlete who graduated in medicine yet drank and smoked to excess. The attacking midfielder stood out – and not just because of his 6’4″ frame. Fans were enthralled by his inch-perfect passes, his coolness in front of goal and his back heel, the trademark move that singled him out as the most unique footballer of his generation. Off…

How NOT to be a Football Millionaire – Keith Gillespie My Autobiography

KEITH GILLESPIE is renowned as a footballer who liked a bet. And lost a lot.

One afternoon he added up how much he had squandered during the course of his professional career. It made for uncomfortable reading…

Manchester United £60,000
Newcastle United £1,102,000
Blackburn Rovers £3,510,000
Leicester City £1,050,000
Sheffield United £670,000
Bradford City £15,000
Glentoran £43,875
Total (plus extras) £7,215,875

That day seemed a world away from 1993 when he burst on to the scene as a…

Sport Inc.: Why money is the winner in the business of sport

Why would someone pull the plug on a Premier League match?

What prompts an athlete to search for sponsorship on eBay?

How can the decision of a drinks brand CEO make or break an entire sport?

Why would a sprinter think they can’t afford not to dope?

Sport Inc. reveals the behind-the-scenes finances that drive sport – who gets rich and who gets left on the bench.

Through investigations into a wide range of sports, including how football agents really work, the betting industry and corruption,…